Video Ads

The following code block sets up a video ad and loads it:

public class MainScript : MonoBehaviour {

    // initialization
    void Start () {

        // make whole video surface clickable
        SAVideoAd.disableSmallClick ();

        // set config production
        SAVideoAd.setConfigurationProduction ();

        // to display test ads
        SAVideoAd.enableTestMode ();

        // lock orientation to portrait or landscape
        SAVideoAd.setOrientationPortrait ();

        // enable or disable the android back button
        SAVideoAd.enableBackButton ();

        // enable or disable a close button
        SAVideoAd.enableCloseButton ();
        // enable close button and warn user before closing

        // enable or disable auto-closing at the end
        SAVideoAd.disableCloseAtEnd ();

        // start loading ad data for a placement
        SAVideoAd.load (30479);

Once you’ve loaded an ad, you can also display it:

public void playVideo () {

    // check if ad is loaded
    if (SAVideoAd.hasAdAvailable (30479)) {

        // display the ad (30479);

These are the default values:

Parameter Value
Configuration Production
Test mode Disabled
Orientation Any
Closes at end True
Close button Disabled
Small click button Disabled
Back button Enabled